IPv4 auctions

The National Agency for It and Learning in Denmark is selling its large holding of high quality IPv4 addresses via a sequence of auctions.

Final auction
In this final auction, the remainder of the IPv4 addresses will be sold.
Please be advised that the terms and conditions have been revised due to minor changes in the auction format – see “Auction details” for more information.
The final auctions will commence on November 9th 2017 at 5 pm (17.00) CET when the auction website opens for registration. Bids can be submitted until November 17th at 5 pm (17.00) CET. Bidders must register prior to submitting their bids.
The National Agency for IT and Learning in Denmark reserves the right to postpone or cancel the auction.

Auction details

This last auction will consist of 83,456 IPv4 addresses equal to 10 blocks.

It is possible to submit bids on whole blocks ranging in size from 512 to 32.768 addresses corresponding to /23 to /17 blocks. It will not be possible to bid on parts of one block. The winners are determined by the highest bid on each block. It is possible to win more than one block.

The reserve price is €8.00 per IPv4 address on all blocks.



Latest Auctions Results

The National Agency for It and Learning has so far held eight auctions in all (four auctions in 2016 and four in 2017).

The eighth auction held this autumn involved 61,440 IPv4 addresses equal to four blocks (the block, the block, the block, and the block). The winning bids lay within a range 10.1 to 11.01 € per address with an average of 10.24 € per address.

Table - Distribution of winners and average prices for auction 1-7 (2016-2017)
Block No. of IP-addresses per block No. of Winners Average price (Euro)
16 65536 2 7,76
17 32768 5 9,69
18 16384 6 9,15
19 8192 5 10,22
20 4096 18 9,86
21 2048 22 10,04
22 1024 27 9,62
23 512 9 9,65
24 256 18 9,39

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Terms and conditions

To qualify for participation in the auction bidders must be members of RIPE and not subject to trade restrictions imposed by the UN and/or the European Union. For the whole list of conditions for participation see Terms of Sale.

Information on how to become a RIPE member:https://www.ripe.net/participate/member-support/become-a-member

Further information about conditions and details about the process can be obtained from Terms of Sale.

The winners of the auction will sign the following documents:

About the National Agency for It and Learning

The National Agency for It and Learning is an agency under The Danish Ministry of Education.
We promote digital development within the area of children and learning. Our primary focus is on increasing the use of IT in education, and to support an effective operation of institutions by using IT.